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At street painting events, I get asked, "How do you do get your art to look so real? I can't even draw a stick figure!" My response is usually, "If you spent 35 years at something, I'm sure you'd get pretty good at it too! It's the result of dedicating yourself to something you truly love."

I bring to you a lifetime of developed skills in fine art, portraits, murals, and street paintings.

After completing my degree in Graphic Design with high honors, I launched Pasadis Design and ever since, I've helped local businesses create fresh, new identities with contemporary logo designs, layouts and illustrations. I would love the opportunity to create a portrait for you using either pastels or charcoal. They're very personal and are wonderful gifts for loved ones to honor their family members or pets.


Graphic Design

I would like to partner with you to ensure your brand is effective in reaching your customers. We listen to understand your businesses needs, we collarborate with you every step of the way, and once we determine the scope and timeline of the project, we'll deliver on-time, on-budget. I'm also happy to draw upon my printing experience to help get your materials created.

Services Offered: Graphic Design and Illustration, Print Production Management and Consulting. Print Material Selection Services


Digital illustration is another exciting avenue to imagine and create. As your designer, we'll work together to create dynamic imagery that is eye-catching and relevant to your brand. I have expertise in Adobe Design Suite, including: Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Services Offered; Conceptual thumbnail drafts, refinement of selected images and creation of rough drafts, refinement of final selected drafts and creation of completed artwork

Fine Art

I love to paint and would love to create a work of art for you. I will work from a high resolution image of almost any subject matter to create a piece of art that you'll cherish for many years. I offer my services at reasonalble rates and will deliver in a timely manner. Pricing provided upon request.

It's a perfect gift!

Mediums: Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal, Oil

Street Art

I create Street Paintings at many events throughout the Bay Area each year as a volunteer or as a featured artist.

Street paintings are intended to be performance art where spectators have the opportunity to watch larger-than-life paintings come to life on pavement.

Medium: Vibrant pastel chalks

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